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Ebraiding.net now features two types of membership:

*Basic Membership  &  **Platinum Membership

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With a *Basic membership, you get the followings:
  • Assistance with Licensing & Regulations Issues.
  • You are part of the movement to Organize the Hair Braiding & Natural Hair Care Environment.
  • Assitance with Legal Issues.
  • Access to Group Insurance Programs.
  • Access to The ebraiding.net's Special Investment and Solidarity Plan for Members.
  • Presence in the ebraiding.net's SANATA International Braiding & Natural Hair Care Magazine published yearly at discounted rates.
  • Huge Discounts for Members on Hair and Hair Products at affiliated retail stores.
  • Huge Discounts for Members on Services: Websites, Design and Printing, etc...
(See more details about benefits here.)

With a **Platinum membership, in addition to the *Basic membership benifits, you get the followings:
  • Instant Presence on the ebraiding.net's Online National Directory and Advertisement Services platform.
  • Numerous Advertising Campaigns to attract customers to the website: Search Engines, Social Media, and much more!
  • Numerous Discount Programs for Member Salons' Customers.
  • And much more!
More about *Basic and **Platinum membership details and benefits can be found in document here.

*Basic members only pay a non-refundable administrative and Support fee in the amount of $99 every year;
**Platinum members pay an additional $250 yearly activation fee.
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