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The Department of Licensing, Regulations & Members Related Issues (LRMRI)

The department of Licensing, Regulations and Members Related Issues (LRMRI) helps organize the Hair Braiding environment and fight to protect and preserve the integrity and rights of hair braiders in the United States. With the LRMRI department, the company plans to lay the ground work for a powerful Hair Braiders Union in the United States.

In working with and assisting our members, seeks to develop and uphold standards, rules and regulations for Hair Braiders so as to enhance the overall growth of the industry. In addition, the LRMRI department assists our members with respect to hair braiding licensing regulations, administrative issues and services within the United States.

The LRMRI Department is run by excellent professionals with strong proven records in the judicial and hair braiding environments. Their work is extended by Local Coordinators and a strong network of Lawyers in every single area of the country where the company has a member salon.
National Coordinators are also chosen among the member salon owners to assist in explaining the company goals and mission nationwide. Additionally, each National Coordinator leads the activities of Local Coordinators in designated regions.

The department is divided into two (2) main divisions, each one led by a Director:

  1. The Division of Licensing & Regulations.

    . The division is responsible for assisting members with Licensing, Hair Braiding Regulations and Requirements.

    The Division can be contacted at 240 547 0089 or via email:

  2. The Division of Members Related Issues.

    . The division is responsible for any members related issues, ranging from specific salons issues to broad hair braiding related issues.

    The Division can be contacted at 240 547 0089 or via email:
The LRMRI department is extended locally by Local Coordinators selected by the company among the members and Lawyers with whom the company has established strategic agreements.
The role of the Local Coordinators is to act as the official representatives of the company locally and the main liaisons between the company and the local members. Each Local Coordinator holds a quarterly meeting to discuss burning issues, gather a prioritized list of issues and / or suggestions and send the list to the Department of Licensing, Regulations & Members Related Issues (LRMRI) for action.
Every year, during the month of August, all the Local Coordinators, Lawyers, the LRMRI department, the executive team along with key players in the hair braiding industry, meet in a randomly selected city in the United States for the Annual National Hair Braiding Convention. The convention mainly focuses on major issues raised by the local coordinations in order to find some solutions at both the local and national levels.

List of some of the Local Coordinators: List of some of the National Coordinators: List of Local Lawyers (Please, contact for Lawyers' names and contacts):
  • Local Lawyer Chicago Area, IL
  • Local Lawyer Cleveland Area, OH
  • Local Lawyer Richmond Area, VA
  • Local Lawyer Newark Area, NJ
  • Local Lawyer Charlotte Area, NC
  • Local Lawyer Dallas Area, TX
  • Local Lawyer Detroit Area, MI
  • Local Lawyer Boston Area, MA
  • Local Lawyer Jacksonville Area, FL
  • Local Lawyer Baltimore Area, MD
  • Local Lawyer Washington, DC Area, DC
  • Local Lawyer Tampa - St. Petersburg Area, FL
  • Local Lawyer Atlanta Area, GA
  • Local Lawyer Charleston Area, SC

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